When Passion met Genious

Being open to receiving let to the amazing collaboration of David and Carolina.  A delayed plane…South Dakota…a hell yes…the rest is history.

Carolina M. Billings

Our mission to awaken the leader and economic power within us includes the active promotion of women’s voices. Together, we are mentoring, educating and training women around the globe to become the successful business leaders we were born to be. We are #StrongerTogether.

Carolina is the founder of Powerful Women Today a forum for the empowerment and optimization of women’s status and lives. Her sold out conferences, masterclasses, publications and women’s global network, have received the continued support and accolades of key champions of women in business.

David Wolf

For more than 32 years, David Wolf has been the creative director, music composer and/or producer of content for radio, TV, film, podcasts, audiobooks and multimedia. He created and hosted the Smallbiz America Podcast from 2005-2018. 

David created the Audivita Studio to apply his experience and the talents and skills of his virtual creative team to help companies, publisher, entrepreneurs, influencers and thought leaders grow their brands and businesses through podcasting, audiobooks, video and internet radio.